Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey, it is done!

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I finished my Hey, Ewe (Hey, Teach) sweater. I was able to make my planned changes from my drawing. It looks very nice on too.

I knitted the sleeves in the round. I tried a different technique in the ribbing. I love it, but I sort of screwed up the first sleeve. Though no one else would notice that they don’t match on the cast/on area - it was driving me crazy. I re-knitted the first sleeve's rib and was able to graft it to the original sleeve.

I am proud of this sweater and I think work will tire of seeing me in it :-)


Sharon said...

You're on quite a roll here. Both sweaters are beautiful. No one will get tired of seeing them.

Chrisknits said...

I love it. That is one I would like to make. But maybe I should finish the lace cardi I already have on the needles. Ya think?

Great job!