Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hey, Ewe

I am knitting my own version of Hey, Teach. I am making the sleeves 3/4, and mimicking the straight stitch and slight flair along the body's bottom of the sweater. I saw it in my mind, so I did a quick sketch. Now the question... did I order enough yarn? (Bought before my brilliant idea.) Why 3/4 sleeves? I have pale, flabby, freckled upper arms. I guess the better spin is to say that it is getting chilly here in Michigan - longer sleeves will carry me further into the season. But really - capped sleeves - bleh! - they aren't flattering on me.

I also tried a new (to me) type of cast-on, the alternative cable cast-on. Though it is slow, I love the look of it for this sweater. For now I am almost done with the back. Weird, I seem to be hurrying to get to the sleeves so I can find out if I have enough yarn. Knitting faster doesn't save yarn. I guess I am just anxious to try out my changes to see how they will look.

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Chrisknits said...

I am sure knitting faster makes you have enough yarn. I know I read it somewhere. Right?

Love the color!