Monday, November 28, 2011

Keeping Great Grandma Link in Christmas

It started with a quilt that we had selected from Great Grandma Link's home after she went into the nursing home.  I had it on display in our townhouse, but it just gathered dust.  It was too damaged and very heavy for anyone to use.  So it sat in my chest for several years.  Too cool to get rid of, too pretty to just store, too big to display... Last year I thought of a way to use it.  I asked Dave for permission since it was his family.  Then I filed the idea away.  

Here is the quilt folded in half (about queen size).

Christmas time came and I again checked with David.  He said it was fine.  So I proceeded to turn it into a tree skirt.  I never had one, and always wanted one.  So carefully I took the topper off of the quilt.  The fabric was damaged in many areas.  I tried to guess when this was put together.  I am guessing 30's 40's.  I discovered that flour/sugar sacks were used for the back of the squares.  There is a lot of olive colors - WWI uniforms?  
Back view
Back up close.  See 'Saginaw'.  I also found Pillsbury. 

I carefully cut, hoping that I didn't make a huge mistake.  The more damaged squares were put to the back of the skirt. I sewed on a new backing and added bias tape.  As I sewed around the piece I hoped I wouldn't stress the fabric more. It was very heavy even at 4' x 4'. 
When I got home from work, I saw that Molly had it already under the tree as she was decorating.  It was perfect.  Each Christmas when we pull out the decorations, Great Grandma Link will be with us.

 The extra scraps from the quilt will be made into ornaments for her great grandchildren. I hope to get them all done this year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Preemie Charity Drive

Preemie collection
Originally uploaded by Eunice Link
That time of the year again. I love knitting little baby items. These are so small that they look like doll clothes. Fortunately there is a deadline so I could make myself stop. They are due at tonight's guild meeting.

Of course I waited till yesterday to put on buttons. Six sweaters of buttons and all had to be done last night so I could get them washed. I had to have everything ready before I headed out the door for work.

I will probably wait for the last minute next year too. Hats don't need buttons, but there is something about a tiny sweater. :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009