Friday, October 24, 2008

Picking scabs

Remember my Creme Savers sweater?

Do you ever have a sweater that is good and done, but yet it nags at you that there are things that you aren't pleased with?

My Creme Saver sweater was my recent itch. It fits well, everything is in the right proportions. BUT there were a couple of things that nagged at me. One was the collar. I just wanted it to stand up. The collar had other ideas. It wanted to flop down. Then when it limply laid there, the cream zipper was flashing brightly on the underside. This probably drove me a little crazy because I had ordered this zipper a couple of times and in the end settled with the cream. So this leads me to fix #2 - I bought some ribbon and stitched over the zipper on the inside.

Now I can enjoy my sweater. Though being a 'hoodie', my daughters will be circling like vultures.

Do you have any projects that you couldn't leave well enough alone after you were done with it? Did it come out better, or was it like a scab and just bled? :-)


Thea said...

my tilted duster... it might be time to take it out again and redo that neckline! But the creme saver looks lovely - I like the colors and the ribbon. hear you on the daughters and the hoodies - what is it about that style and the younguns?

Octopus Knits said...

I love the ribbon over the zipper bands - it's the perfect color (smart thinking, too)!

My Serpentine Sweater gave me some trouble. I made the floats way too loose and should have ripped and reknit, but I guess I'm too lazy. I ended up shuffling the extra yarn through all the stitches towards one edge of the cardigan, cutting out the excess yarn, and weaving in the ends. Though there are still some loose stitches that bug me, it's much improved :)