Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mittens Month

Knittin' mittens. Knittin' mittens for one month, and one month only.*
I started on October 27th and will knit through November 26th.

First set were done for T. I didn't want the shoeless cobbler's children syndrome. Mo will get a pair of glittens later in the month. Ram-niss wanted a pair too. (Yes, really - mittens. I can't say that I ever saw him wear mittens.) In between these pairs the rest will be charity knitting. I have a thing for cold fingers/hands and am always on the quest for the warmest mittens. I don't like the idea of others having cold fingers/hands either. Some of the charity mittens will go for the guild and hopefully I will be able to hold back a few for our local library's mitten tree.

But after one month - I am done with the mittens for others. My goal is to not knit on my current sweater or the siren call of another project. Can I only knit mittens for one month? That will be a tester. I may stray into a hat, but I am hoping I can focus on this one project for now.

Do you want to see a month of mittens? Really doubt it. I do have a few projects done that I haven't yet shared. I can show a few shiny objects till Thanksgiving. :-)

*Only the quick mittens for this month only. I foresee taking my time and knitting Selbuvotter mittens in the future after the holidays. So those don't count :-)

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Chrisknits said...

We can take it, bring it on!!!