Friday, October 31, 2008

Buy a dram, save a farm

A local multi-generational farm is in trouble. They aren't asking for a handout, they have product that they are selling for a nominal fee ($5). If they sell enough, they can save their farm. (Knitters know it takes just one stitch at a time to make a sweater :-) Those of you in Lansing can purchase their mint oil at the Farmers Market on Saturday, Nov.1. Others can purchase online at

Most farmers and local people can understand what happened. Others, please take a few moments and read, watch the video, and visit their site. (I have included the address, phone and email - because yesterday they were so busy their site was down.)

Articles have appeared in the Detroit Free Press, Lansing State Journal, and other publications around the US. I have copied from the St. Johns Independent.

Article from - St. Johns Independent

Crosby Farm on YouTube
See the interview

Crosby Mint Farms
1250 East Parks Road
St. Johns, MI 48879

Phone: Contact Linette @ 989-493-3873


Buy a dram, save a farm
Crosby family mint farm in jeopardy

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We have heard the politicians and pundits talk about the pain on Wall Street and Main Street, but now there is trouble with one the oldest continuously operating family mint farms in the country. The mint farm run by Linette Crosby and her brother, Jim, is on the brink of foreclosure.

Last summer Greenstone Farm Credit Services purchased the 140-acre farm for $300,000 during an auction at the Clinton County Courthouse. Now Linette and Jim have until November 1 to pay down their debt.

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The family has enough product to cover their debt, and here is how our readers can help. The Crosbys are selling peppermint and spearmint oil on their own website for the very reasonable price of $5 per dram. This 100% natural essential oil is processed from the first harvest of the growing season, which will produce the highest grade oil available, with no chemical additives.

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To purchase essential oils visit the Crosby website.

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The Crosby family has cultivated and processed mint since J.E. Crosby purchased the property before World War I. Through the vision of J.E. Crosby Sr., the farm has been producing unparalleled mint oil products through four generations. These signature oils have developed over a 96 year family tradition and have contributed to the rich history of the mint industry in Clinton County and the mint industry as a nation.

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If you are interested in more information on the old Crosby Mint still located just south of St. Johns on Business US-27 there is a 53-minute video release created with excerpts from American Mint: "The Historic J.E. Crosby Mint Still." The Historic J. E. Crosby Mint Still, one of the oldest surviving mint stills in the United States, is part of an important heritage that touches us all. But the number of mint farmers is decreasing, and it is a heritage that is disappearing from the American countryside. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this video will be donated to a trust fund at the California State University, Fresno Foundation for researching, recording, and restoring historic structures and buildings associated with the American mint industry.

Download an order form.

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Sheri G. said...

I'm spreading the word out here, Ewe-niss! I've ordered more, and gave given out some that I previously purchased.

Losing this farm would be tragic!