Thursday, November 6, 2008

Knittin' Mittens Month continues

20 Days left - Current finished mitten count - 4 pairs. 2 for family members and 2 for others.

While Michigan still is having lovely warm weather I will show you a recent finished object. I made a Savta’s Shell Pattern Afghan for our family. As you can see I need wash/block this, at that point it will be softer. But for now we haven't needed it, though I hear that we will probably be fighting each other for it by the end of the week.

I have knitted a few charity mittens. While knitting Son indicated that he needed mitten/gloves. I knitted them up pretty quickly (despite having big man hands). If he doesn't like them I want them back for me. Ram-niss tried them on before we shipped them and declared that he wanted them if Son didn't want them. Guess I will be knitting another pair.

So for my Month of Knittin' Mittens - I have these done with a few more waiting in the wings.

Mo handed me her left over yarn from her Harry Potter scarf so I could knit her a pair of glittens to match. Fortunately unlike her brother's pair hers will be much smaller.

Will it be Knittin' Mittens Month and a Half???? Stay tune. Whoooo Hooo!

*Please pay no attention to the little flecks of red on the black glittens! I was in a hurry to wash them so I can get them in the mail to my son up at Michigan Tech. i thought I was being clever by washing a few other sweaters with the mittens. Guess what color the sweaters are? :-)


Larjmarj said...

The gloves look great!! I can see why everyone is fighting over them and the afghan. It is afghan weather isn't it?

geoknitter said...

Nice pop-up paws! Now, if only I can locate my pair! I may need to work on some new ones soon if I can't locate them....