Thursday, October 23, 2008

EZ's Bavarian Jacket

EZ's Bavarian Jacket
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I love the structured look of this. The original plan of this was to have it take the place of a blazer occasionally at work. I t may be better suited to go with jeans.

I do adore the i-cord piping. I seamed it from the inside and the outside looked like crap, inside was fabulous. So again I ripped the seams and seamed from the outside... still looked like crap. Fortunately the washing took care of it.

Now we get into the fun of washing. The yarn is superwash. Superwash yarn drives me nuts. Some yarn that is superwash, you can't really wash it in the washing machine. Other superwash sets up better if washed and dried in the machine. (Don't lecture me on washing the swatch first... I am happy that I even knit the swatch in the first place....) Anyways, I washed it in gentle cycle, the yarn fuzzed up and the body and sleeves grew. It was horrible when I tried to block it on the dining room table. Gave up, threw it in the dryer for a bit and removed while still slightly damp. It looked a little better. Still a little soft and limp. The sleeves are still too long; I will wear it a little while and see. My luck is if I shortened them, they would shrink back to their original knitted size after the next washing. Then they would be too short.

As someone who grew up with shirt and sweater sleeves always too short, I really don't mind them being a little long.


Chrisknits said...

Ah yes, the too long sleeves. Good thing they can be rolled up. Too short is never an option. Lovely.

lynneb said...

Eweniss, that is a beautiful jacket...and good for you with the hot color of the season! It's very nicely done.