Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Son is currently in the Netherlands with a friend and his family for the next couple of weeks. Before he left I worked with him to get an online photo album set up. He is able to upload pictures while he is on vacation. So these are some of the photos he took while in Paris for the last few days. He said that his next jaunt is Oslo Norway.

I am happy to see that he is having a great time AND that he is able to share his photos with us while he is traveling. The other day I was writing him an email and he noticed that I was online at the time. I was able to instant message him for a little while. I know that this isn't a big deal, but things are very different than when I was a kid. Never mind that my vacation wouldn't have been too far from home. If I was away long enough I may have been able to get or send a letter.

If interested my son uploaded several photos of Paris. Not all are award winning, but there are some very good ones in there. As I was clicking through I actually got a little teary eyed when I spotted them drinking Coke from a glass bottle. They were regular size. (After they changed to plastic I use to have wonderful dreams of drinking Coke from a glass bottle - only to wake up and find it was a dream.) Son, forget bringing home wine, bring Coke in glass bottles! :-)

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Chrisknits said...

When I visited Germany/Austria in the mid 80's I had to make arrangements to call home at 4:00 am Austrian time. I dropped the phone before I even got to talk to my mom and she was worried something happened! It is so different now.