Monday, June 18, 2007

Creme Savers Cardigan

Cream Saver Cardigan
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Newest on the needles is the Creme Savers Cardigan being knitted in the round.

I am not sure at this time if it will be a raglan yet. I hope to have that figured out in the next 15". Otherwise it will be a tube and I will steek the sleeves in.

It will be a zippered cardigan with a stand up collar.

The yarn is hand dyed 100% merino from Woven Art in East Lansing. I couldn't leave it on the shelves after Friday's Yarnival. I tried to ignore it's call during the 3 hour event, but in the end it found its way into my hands by the end of the night. Others were calling, this one was the most persistent.

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m. said...

I LOVE that yarn.

And Ms. Atwood is a genius. :)