Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Einstein Coat

Einstein Coat
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Currently on the needles... a big furry fuzzy thick Einstein Coat. I am using yarn that I have knitted twice into a wrap. Frogged the third time and hoping for something that I will be able to knock around in.

I like it, but this summer weather is a bit much for the yarn... but when it is cool enough for the yarn, I'll want to wear it.

At this moment I am almost done with the bottom panel. Will be adding the upper panels at knit-in tonight.

You may notice that this is a little different than my old layouts. I am playing with Ravelry - which is just cool!

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Sharon said...

I empathize. I just took possession of enough Alpaca with a Twist to make a wonderful fall poncho. I have been obsessing about this item. I will look strange this summer at the outdoor concerts and plays as this thing grows. See you tonight, and bring your finished Lana Grossa cardi to show off.