Monday, March 19, 2007

Where the (bleep) is my camera?

No photos today. Probably not a huge deal for anyone, though annoying me - I can't find my camera. I get spoiled with phones - if you can't fine them, just call them. Can't call the camera. Drats.

Striped sweater is almost done. I have to go back to the first sleeve and add about an inch and a half to it. Easy enough. Red socks are complete. I will be making T a pair next.

Yarn for Ram-niss' Avast sweater from has been purchased at our LYS. She had to close down her shop when the downtown coffee shop closed. So for a while she will be operating out of the house until she can find a store that is willing to carve out a corner and let her operate in there. Ram-niss' sweater won't be started till later this year. I have a neat one waiting in the wings. My palms are itching to get started on Pinwheel Sweater from I have nice caramel yarn just calling my name.

This week Son announced his first girlfriend and had his first official date. (Rules in the house are not girlfriend/boyfriend till you turn 16. Basically so I don't have to hear about it. They can have friends that are girls and friends that are boys till then.) Son was goofy giddy all week. I was surprised that he would actually share his feelings with us. It was cute. After a few days of this I was informed that he needed to find a job. Girlfriends cost money. (Son is a saver. Not tight with his money, but it doesn't burn a hole in his pocket.) He keeps telling me that he hopes I like L's parents. I really don't care. How am I suppose to take them as a couple as 'serious'? He is 16. Nice that her parents are teachers at the Middle School. At least this means that they have an education.

This weekend while dragging Son to band festival, every stinking time I wanted to get out/in the driveway, we had to go and knock on the neighbor's door. They were blocking with their huge truck. Looks like they were leaving the rental next door. Is it because we called the cops on them the previous weekend? Doubtful. Hmm... they won't be missed.

Also this weekend we were notified by the fraud division of our bank that Ram-niss' card has been buying things from Chicago to Georgia. Meanwhile our account is in the red by several hundred dollars. There is no dispute by the bank on those not being our charges - but - we don't have access to the several hundred dollars that were in there. Meanwhile I have a few bills that are suppose to be paid with it. I am hoping that they work it out so that we can pay them on time. We do have another bank account that we put smaller amounts in. How I wish it would have been that one. Oh, well.

Also this weekend (Really, it was a slow weekend.) I have cleaned out a room in the basement (family members reading this: it is mom's darkroom) to be my room. Crafts, framing, sewing, knitting and hopefully once again watercolors... A place where I can start something and leave it and come back to it. The dining room table is good for quick projects, but I have found that I want to do other things that require more time. The room is now completely empty. I have to clean off dried chemicals off of the counter and the base of the legs. Then I will paint the counter and put linoleum along the top. I want a nice surface that won't snag yarn and cloth. Although I want to paint over the fake wood panel walls to brighten it up down there - I am not sure I want to spend the time on it.

Meanwhile - where is my camera? I am running out of places to look for it.


RheLynn said...

Good luck finding your camera and congratulations on winning Chris' contest! Very cute story about your son and his new g/f *giggle* my parents had the same rule when I was a teen, and pretty sure their reaction was similar to yours with my first official 'date.'

Ewe-niss said...

Thank you for stopping by! I was shocked about winning. I never win anything.