Friday, March 9, 2007

Happy Birthday!

C is now 5. These next few months are one birthday after another. Just when you make it through Christmas - all the little ones just start tumbling in. We had Gracie, Chloe, Alex (today), Mo (tomorrow), Grammy Jean, and Breanna rounding off the beginning of April. Then we take a breath and May brings another round. As far as my sis and I figured we are left without a celebration in October and November.

This is the start of a turtleneck sweater similar to my Necessary Sweater. This time I am knitting from the top down. I have about 5 different references that I am using. (There are different techniques in each one that I like, none of them have everything in them. This will either turn out great or be fugly.) I am just using stash yarn for the experiment. This was started earlier in the week and has already been ripped back once to the neck band.

I have restarted my sock with smaller needles and less stitches in the cast-on. Much happy with the color pooling on this one.

T's dress is almost done. I only need to sew on the buttons. I also have all the pieces done for a matching purse. I want to line the little purse in case she actually puts something in it. No real rush at this moment since she will wear it for Easter.

This is a Blue Lagoon blanket for someone who is expecting baby #2. I have about 10" left. Hopefully I will have enough lavender and/or lime green to make some little socks to go with it. We don't know if she is having a boy or girl.

I love this blanket and wouldn't mind a larger one for me. BUT it is all garter stitch. If it wasn't for the color changes every few row it would be extremely boring. AND there are many ends that have to be weaved in. (bleh.)

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TJ said...

Birthdays and knitting look to be your lot in life as of late. Send your son our way. We look forward to having him and to having a night out!