Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where is Tiger?

What a week it has been. Over the weekend we noticed that we hadn't seen Tiger for a couple of days. We waited out the weekend thinking he was trapped in a garage somewhere. Monday came we called animal control and visited the neighbors that set traps to catch cats wandering through their yards (and then they call animal control. ... and yes, I personally think they are too anal for my taste. They think cats should be on chains or kept indoors. I agree with the indoors part, but some cats just want to be outside, and who has time to chase a cat that is sitting right in the middle under one of your cars only to go to the opposite side of where you are while you are trying to get to work, school, anywhere... ahem. Sorry ranting). No, they hadn't seen him either.

So here we are missing cat, missing camera and missing money from the bank account (which the bank now has credited back to us). Then the fog slowly lifted from Ram-niss and my head. The light bulb turned on. Tiger isn't missing. He has taken Ram-niss' debit card and the camera and has gone on a vacation. February was too much for him, and March wasn't looking any better. With each passing day it looks like Tiger isn't returning - but I feel a Tiger Travel Blog coming on.

Stay tuned.


Kel said...

Did he ever come back? *le sigh*

I've got around the block neighbors who have big signs on their fence that says cats in their yard will be trapped... they're psychos.

Dave said...

No, Tiger hasn't returned.