Tuesday, February 6, 2007

T minus ten and counting

Minus ten
- is that the temperature?
Sure, it could be that. Mo has brought her 3 bunnies into the basement to live with us during the frigid weather. The bunnies would be fine outside in their pen, but the water bottles were freezing in minutes. So in the basement they sit, looking at cement walls and getting visits from our cats. The cats wonder why the bunnies aren't running around with them.

We are fortunate to not have had frozen pipes this year. It use to be a seasonal favorite on Ottawa street. Though I will say that you could burn yourself on our radiators.

- is it a count down?
Sure, it could be that. I could be counting down many things at this time.
  • how many more days can I take before I throw some cabin fevered children outside no matter what the temperature is...
  • how many days till the next workday holiday
  • how many days till warm days on the beach
In this case it is a count down to finishing my sweater. All pieces are knitted and blocked. They only need to be sewn together. I may actually have it done in a day or so. So maybe by the knitting retreat weekend... if I dare wear it in front of the fabu-knitters. I may just sneak it in once in a while on casual Fridays at work. No photo at this time. Just imagine that the sleeves are longer and a lot of red cables... :-)

Think warm.

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Anonymous said...

Honey, you need to understand that you ARE one of the fabu-knitters. See you this weekend, I hope.
Sharon (knitknacks) (Don't quite understand what being an anonymous commenter means exactly.)