Sunday, January 28, 2007

At the sleeves

Front is now completed. I have stitched the front and back while I work on the sleeves. (You can't see it, but the back is there behind the front.)

Both sleeves are being knitted at the same time. I am making the body slimmer than the pattern. I didn't want it as over-sized as it is written. My intention it is to make the sleeves much longer since the body isn't as wide.

Meanwhile I have a sock started for times that I just can't sit and knit with a chart. I am not enthusiastic about the colors, but out of all the other yarns in my stash - this was bright and colorful. I needed something that wasn't grey and dreary. Come summer my choice will probably be duller.

Next up on the needles is a cute lacy dress I want to knit for T.
Also learned of a local church that puts together layettes for nearby hospitals for women who need a little extra help. The hospital calls the church and tells them what they need. With the generosity of the community - they are able to provide. Baby things are fun to make and though the siblings have been doing their best at keeping up with my knitting needs, ... babies do take time :-) At the moment I am burned out on the charity knitting, but will be doing it for this project in the next few months.

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