Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Party in Marquette!

Friday evening we left our home and headed to Marquette (UP) for a party. Though this picture was taken from the trip home, the trip up looked just like this only it was dark. The driving was rough, but more because of the white-outs and general not much practice driving on snow.

We got in around midnight. In the morning we loaded up the car and thought we would head into town for a local cafe for breakfast. The car had other plans. It decided that we weren't going anywhere. After the tow truck arrived, it was going to take more than a jump to get it moving. So Ram-niss spent most of the morning and afternoon dealing with local car repair places that may be able to work on our car on a Saturday. Fortunately the dealer was open and it was under warranty. Though they were afraid that they may not get to it till Monday. Oh, well - we didn't have many options. I took a few of the kids into downtown Marquette on the hotel shuttle. We enjoyed shopping. After a few hours Ram-niss called and said that our car was fixed! They managed to get us out-of-towners up and running.

We arrived at the party and T danced.

... and danced. This little guy came up to her, extended his hand and took her for a spin on the dance floor. He was rather suave for a 6 year-old!

A party with good food! Note: there was more than marshmallows! This is just where T headed. Friends from Escanaba were there too! Chris and Emily brought up my FAVORITE salsa from Ferdinand's on Ludington street! I shared it with friends back at the hotel, and finished it up after I got home on Sunday.

Here is son with his newest 'must have' hat. A furry mad-bomber hat. I wanted him to get the Iron Mountain, Michigan made 'Stormy Kromer'. Probably because all the adults were trying to sway him in that direction, he went the other way.

So long, UP! We will be back up again. The UP people are just wonderful. I can not stress how kind and helpful they are!!!


Jenifer said...

You left a comment on my blog, knittingparagon.blogspot.com. I haven't had comments from people other than friends I know regularly read (and those comments are few an far between).
Thank you! Funny how a little comment can make a person's heart skip a beat. And to be a fellow Michigander. Yeah!
Love Marquette and don't get up there nearly enough!!

Ewe-niss said...

Jenifer - I do keep an eye out for updates to your blog. I have to update my podcast page and add your site. Thanks for stopping in!

Currently I use Google's personal page and their RSS feed for monitoring my favorite blogs.