Friday, January 19, 2007

Creeping along

* I accidentally posted this on another blog. Said a choice word and then deleted it. So if certain people noticed that I had made some sort of mess on this other blog - OOPS!!!!!!

Look in just over a little of a week and it looks like I haven't gotten very far. Looks are deceiving. This is actually the front panel. Next you will see is the completed back panel.

I showed this at the knitting guild meeting. I was slightly embarrassed. They were fabulous in their praises of what I had done, but I was embarrassed on how little time it took to knit. It was similar to the feeling I had when I took in several hats and mittens completed in a week to a work knitting group. And yes, it is possible that family, housework, sleep may be neglected at this time... I don't believe that I am a fast knitter, but I do pick it up and knit when I can. I also found a way to knit the cables without using a cable needle. Using this technique along with knitting a half hour here an hour there - it speeds up the process.

Yesterday oldest daughter went to her first college class. Afterwards she had time to kill till I got out of work. She took CATA, the local bus, to the mall out by MSU. I can't believe how excited I was that she did it without any trouble. I realize that most kids should be able to handle the big city bus, but we are from a small town and Meg is not very worldly. I was proud of her. Also cheered on her shopping find - she found a pair of leather boots that she loved that were originally $60 and got them for $8. The bonuses of being on the small size! Being big and goony myself, there usually aren't that drastic of bargains available.

Today the Niss family is heading to Marquette for the weekend. We can't leave till after the kids get home. This was their request. They didn't want to miss school. I was more than happy to take a day off from work and head up early, but no. I have some freaky kids. Actually in high school if you miss less than a couple of classes they let you opt out of one exam. Son is getting a good grade in Physics and doesn't want the exam to possibly hurt his grade.

We hope to arrive before midnight.

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