Thursday, January 11, 2007

Very Done Sweater

Yesterday I finished my Very Necessary Sweater by Shannon Culbertson. All my calculations worked and it fits great! It was a very quick knit. I now want a pink one, a blue one,... Though I really think if I were to do it next time I will start from the top and knit down in one piece. It was still drying this morning, so I will wear it tomorrow to work. (In the TMI category... I wanted to photograph this sweater before I went to work. Usually I take a photo on the bed. Ram-niss was still in bed. I arranged the sweater over the covers and then told him not to move. I was trying to use the lumps to help arrange the sweater, but it didn't come out as I had hoped. Bedspread and Ram-niss has been removed from the photo.) :-)

I have now started working on Welcome Back, Old Friend from Interweave Press. This will take me forever! It is very pretty, but I do see me doing a few other quick knits while working on this. Goal is to have it done by the fall. I want to enjoy the process and was in need of a challenge. This will do it!

Meanwhile I will have to work on socks or the purse when in situations where I can't really work using a pattern.

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Kat said...

The sweater is so gorgeous!! Great job!! I love the yarn color for Welcome back... it is beautiful as well!