Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Casting on in 2007

*I have updated my projects page. I can't believe everything that I have done in the past few months!

I began knitting this on New Year's Eve - before the party.

After swatching (I hate swatching, but then doesn't everyone?) I realized that the yarn I purchased to make a comfy cable sweater was too tweedy. The pattern made it difficult to see the stitches. I wanted to make Welcome Back, Old Friend from Interweave Press. Now I had a lot of soft pretty yarn and no knitting pattern. I ordered more yarn for my original patter, this time it was a solid. I then went on a search for a nice plain pullover. I found Very Necessary Sweater by Shannon Culbertson. I hesitate to tell you about this pattern, because I may really screw it up. I don't want my mistakes to reflect poorly on the creator of the pattern. This pattern only comes in size small. I am modifying it to accommodate my size. I have checked my gauge and several sites to work out the raglan portion of the sweater. I also started knitting it in the round. After I got through the body I figured out that I may have wanted to start my raglan from the top down instead of the bottom up. Oh, well - I continue to knit on.

It is knitting up very quickly. My thought is I will be spending a lot of time frogging in the near future. I am still a newbie knitter and pessimistic too. Honestly my favorite part is the knitting process. Others fawn over the yarn, I love the process of learning new things.

I wanted to share the cool hat my SIL knitted. I saw this hat when she entered it at the county fair. I loved it! I was so surprised and extremely happy to get this hat. I also have to fight off the kids, they want it too. Now if Michigan would get some snow - but I will probably get the chance to wear it when we head to the UP later in January. (I confess that sometimes I sit on the couch knitting while wearing this hat. Goofy? You betcha.)

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Woven ~N~ Spun said...

I totally love that hat. I sure hope your SIL received a ribbon for her entry. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi. My SP is so cool.