Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Welcoming the New Year

The kids cleaned up pretty well. We had a New Years Eve party to go to. Due to the flurry of activity from the day when I went to take their picture I realized that there wasn't a clean spot in the house for them to pose. Oh, well. Please note that my son has on a kilt. The kilt was his Christmas wish, so Grammy made it for him. (Some kids go Goth, my son went Scottish.) He had many thumbs up from the men. One gentleman came up and complained that he had wanted to wear his kilt, but his wife wouldn't let him.

T had a picture/letter that she had made for the Governor and had to give it to her. I wasn't exactly sure what she had done. A few days before the event I knew that she was working on something and borrowed tape and an envelope. At one point she asked me how to spell Governor Granholm. After I spelled it out, she told me that she would write something easier instead. On the way over I warned her that she may not see the Governor and if she did come it may be later on in the evening. We weren't there more than 10 minutes when T came running up to the table grabbed her envelope and ran to the Governor. They had a nice little talk. Later T danced the night away. We had to tag team to keep up with her (my co-workers also danced with her).

The next morning we drove back to Lansing and watched the final oath of office for Governor Granholm. Although the event started at 11:30 - it felt like it was early in the morning.

I always get a kick out of the rows of cameras, satellite trucks and press that arrive for some of the events.The flags are at half staff for 30 days because of the death of President Ford. Unfortunately during these days some of them will also represent Michigan soldiers we have lost as well. We lost more men in the past two weeks than we have during most of the monthly totals since the war started. Sadly though, when you look at the Flag Honors you will see that there has been an increase in the monthly totals.


Kat said...

Ewe-niss, thank you for sharing your unabashed personality - and your political views. We are kindred spirits! Your children are so beautiful. And, I love your knitting - I am in awe of your pattern adjusting prowess!!

Ewe-niss said...

How sweet of you, thank you. We will see just how well my adjusting goes :-)