Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Holiday wrap up...

The bits of fabric and yarn became Raggedy Ann dolls for nieces and T. (Not
sure that they took less time than knitting, but they sure are cute.) Along
with the dolls they also received a copy of a book of Raggedy Ann original stories.

After a long holiday and traveling between states, Little G kept her doll close by. Seeing her talk and snuggle with her doll made the many hours/days worth the effort.

I was able to finish all knitting projects for the kids. Escanaba
Scarf (not shown), Son's socks, Meg's clogs and Mo's clogs were all done in time.
At one point Son had on his scarf, socks, and bathrobe. Mo thought all that he
needed was a bubble pipe to complete his ensemble.

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TJ said...

Little G spends a lot of time mothering "Molly." She has no interest in calling her Raggedy Ann. Oh well, she's having fun. A lot of fun.