Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Made it to the meeting!

All my classes are done. All! No more!!!! Yippee! I also finally made it to a Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild meeting. Good timing on my part. It was their holiday party. MMKG is very serious about their eats! At 6:59 the command was given to start eating. Very rarely have I been to a meeting involving food or not that started early. I had a lot of fun.

You will see that I was able to get a few more hats done for their charity hat knitting. (If I get the urge to knit before the end of the year, we have a library that is filling a mitten tree by Dec. 30th.)

The MMKG had wonderful door prizes. I was lucky to have my hat drawn from a bag. I won a cute felted purse kit from Rae's Yarn Boutique. (thank you!) Meanwhile - no knitting until I get the 4 little somethings sewn for 4 little girls.

Meanwhile - could someone send a group over to wrap a bazillion presents????? I may just put them in large gift bags. I was joking with Ram-niss that I should just get colorful totes for each of the kids and just load them up. Honestly it sounds like a good idea, but don't like thinking how the Christmas morning pictures would look. Son frowned at the idea. He wants to rip open presents.

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