Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When life imitates an ASTR 201 exam question

Funny moment during my FINAL, last, never again, 'hallelujah the strife is over' astronomy exam. As I was spilling out answers on the pages before it I completely forgot everything. One of the questions hit close to home.

Background - I used knitting as my reward for studying and keeping up. I would allow myself to knit once I completed what I needed to get done. There were times I had to put my knitting down and tell myself to do my work. Honestly, class really cut into my knitting time.

Any whoooo - While figuring out RA, degrees, stars in transit, what constellation a waxing gibbous is in while Sirius is in transit... yeah, I had it figured out until I ran across this question. It involved a knitter who had a telescope. She traveled to Nevada, and set up her telescope to view some event in the heavens. The question stated that she was into her knitting project and didn't want to waste time looking through the telescope when she could be knitting. Yet she really wanted to view this event. We then had to figure out what angle she needed to set the telescope, what time this event would happen, the exact time (+/- 15 minutes), and the color of her socks. (OK, I added that.) Too bad for the knitter, I couldn't help her. BUT this tells me that my instructor is well acquainted with the obsessive cult of knitters. He just had to make her an obsessive knitting astronomer. Who knew?

I didn't let my secret handshake out in case he is a survivor and not a supporter. I have a grade riding on his discretion.

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Sarah said...

That is too funny!