Friday, December 8, 2006


weffriddles - This is fun, reminiscent of old computer games before graphics. Stupidly addictive - though at the moment I am stuck on level 5.

Knitting continues. T is learning to knit. Which means when I am knitting she comes over with her needles so that she can knit with me. Translation: I am now not knitting and am sitting with T and her big #13 short needles wrapping the yarn around the needle while she moves the needles. She can operate the needles or wrap the yarn. She can't do both yet. But she seems to be enjoying herself, and I mildly surprised that she isn't frustrated.

Photos after the weekend of all the hats and mittens completed so far. Meg has 2 scarves done. Still no family knitting started...

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Sharon said...

Hey Eunice. I'm stuck already. I clicked on the weffriddles link, and it took me to a page of information (on a black background). On that page, there is a link to the forums, but nothing else. How do I actually start whatever it is I'm supposed to start? If I'm this confused before I start, it doesn't bode well for me, does it?