Sunday, October 22, 2006

Little Visitor

I hope Aunt A. doesn't mind - but I just wanted to show off our new visitor. Little O stopped by. She is a sweet, calm baby with a ton of black hair. Get this - she has eyebrows!

She slept through all the prodding, passing, and poking that come from anxious baby holders. She didn't even flinch when our menagerie of animals came through to check her out as well.

Congratulations to Aunt A and Uncle P, she is a sweetie!

I think this is much more interesting than photos of dried sidewalks and driveway. We are pretty ecstatic now that we finally get to park in our driveway after parking in the street for a few weeks. And though I am much further along in my sweater, that too just pales in comparison to babies. (Just imagine my kiwi green sweater with the back done, the 2 front panels done and part of the sleeves. There - no photo needed :-) I was going to take a picture of it outside with the leaves, but YUCK it is wet and cold out there. So enjoy the baby photos!

I also learned that my siblings are checking out this site. So siblings please note - if you start to see little knitted kid/toy projects - you may either pretend that you don't see them, or not assume they are for your children. I am attempting some items for Christmas, but am looking more towards this as birthday items. This will give Aunt Ewe-niss a few extra months to knit them and finish her classes! :-)


TJ said...

Is that back-ho my Christmas present? I just knew you'd get me one!

Ewe-niss said...

Gees! You are suppose to pretend that you didn't see it. Go and spoil it, why don't 'cha?