Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snow and sidewalks

Today it snowed, and contrary to others - I thought it was pretty. Of course if we were discussing this in March my response would be much different (and probably in need of editing). The new sidewalk looks much better in person. In this shot you can't see that there is no longer an 8" drop and cobbled up sidewalk. They still have to do the driveway entrance. This means one more round of Mr. Ram-niss guarding it during bus stop pick-up/drop-offs. There is nothing more alluring than nice smooth wet sidewalk cement! :-)

This picture is the sidewalk after they removed the concrete, see the pretty fall leaves? This was from a couple days earlier.

Not sure if I am going to be able to walk without stumbling in the old area. After 40 years of knowing every drop-off and busted piece of sidewalk in front of the house, my legs will want to walk as if they were still there. A nice new sidewalk and I will trip over fallen memories. (I hope it doesn't hurt too much.)

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