Friday, October 27, 2006

Where am I?

I am here.
(Please note - there are no photos of yarn stores or projects in this particular blog. Though I will be going over to the local yarn shop in a few minutes, I have to show you pretty pictures of one of the top five great lakes.)

... and here...

One more glance at the lake.

Can you tell where I am? I am in the second largest city in the UP. Mr. Ram-niss, Meg, and I are volunteering in Escanaba at the Delta Democratic campaign office through election day. (And no, contrary to the name, the Delta Dems is NOT a sorority.)

Escanaba is twice the size of my own home town and yet it feels like a small town from a couple generations ago. They are warm wonderful people. The downtown area is about 20 blocks long. There are small cafes and restaurants all over the place. We ate at a GREAT Mexican place last night. People came up and started telling us of other great places to eat. No one will starve here! I may be rolling home from the bridge!


Ralphie Rogers said...

hey...awesome pictures...keep it up!!!

Erin said...

Hi there! I noticed references to both Lansing and Escanaba in your blog and was compelled to read backwards to find out more. I work in Lansing but go to Escanaba regularly because my dad lives there. I know where you ate - Ferdinand's, right? My dad always talks about it but has never taken me there - we usually end up going somewhere that I can get cheese curds. I hope you got some cheese curds while you were there!

Ewe-niss said...

It sure was Ferdinands! I would travel up there for their salsa alone. Embarassed to say that I had two bowls of it before my meal arrived. I didn't eat cheese curds while I was up there, and I hate to admit that I didn't get to eat a pastie while I was there either. You are lucky to be able to visit it regularly, great people up there.