Thursday, March 19, 2009

Georgie Girl

I may have lost my mind. Georgie is an adult size sweater and is knitted in lace/sport weight yarn with teeny tiny needles (#2, #3). I chose this project because I felt I was cranking out the sweaters too quickly and I wanted to slow it down. Plus as it gets warmer, I wasn't looking forward to a heavy worsted weight sweater.

I am well on my way working up the back.

In the beginning I began to wonder if I should have moved on. It seemed like a train wreck approaching. It was an auspicious start. After casting on for gauge - I found the correct needles and put it away for the night. Then next day I put the finishing touches on a different sweater. It dawned on me that I hadn't seen my yarn from the night before. I had my daughter look under the couch that I was sitting on because I am lazy. It wasn't there. I looked through my knitting corner and the bags several times. Then an awful feeling came over me. I told my daughter to check the dining room floor. Yup. Her stupid cat had dragged it and disembowel the skein all over the floor. Spent the rest of the day untangling it and winding it up. I put it to the side and will only use it if I need it in the end.

A few days into knitting it I frogged it and am started over. Misread the pattern and casted on for the wrong size. Didn’t see it till after the ribbing was done. Thought maybe I could make it up with the front. But in the end I thought it was better to frog now and NOT when I was done with the back. Usually I remain in denial for much longer, but with these tiny needles it would be a whole heck of a lot of time wasted if I had put it off. Better to get started on the right foot.

Tomorrow I and several members of the guild are heading up north for a knitting retreat. Have my projects all figured out for the weekend. Probably will figure out what clothes I am taking about 20 minutes before I get in the car... I will have packed an over abundance of yarn and projects and not enough underwear.
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Thea said...

but it's so pretty -- you aren't nuts, dedicated rough start+ adult sweater + small yarn = big reward if you finish!

have fun on the retreat!

sharon said...

Ha ha. I am doing the last minute pack clothes thing too. But the yarn...the yarn is ready. :)

Renee said...

Hi, I recieved your web site from my dad (who works on the SJ Indy with your mom?) I too am a yarn, fiber, crochet, knit enthuiast! We raise angora rabbits to spin into yarn. My blog is