Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Girl's way too cute hat

Girl's Way too cute Hat
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I love this hat! More importantly T loves this hat, though she hasn't seen the flower on it yet. Without the flower it still looked very cute on her little head. The shoe button is from Great Grandma Ram-niss' button collection. The hat is Button Band Hat by Kathleen Taylor. It is an adult size pattern but I changed to smaller needles and then followed her instructions and it worked out great. I didn't shorten it because I wanted it to protect little ones ears.

Many more in the works in various colors for little people.

Last week during our monthly guild meeting, Cindy talked about embellishments. I have never really tried any before. I usually knit, seam, and send it on it's way. For practice during the meeting I did a tiny embroidery with one of the preemie sweaters. The little lesson gave me the little push I needed to start putting a little extra on the knitted items.



Sharon said...

Eunice, this is a wonderful hat! I want one for me! Thank you for the link. The button you added is perfect.

Octopus Knits said...

Very cute! Embellishments look fun : )