Thursday, September 13, 2007

We are here...

Ram-niss and I made it to Boston. It took 28 hours to get here by train. Had we not had a delay in New York we would have made it in time to catch the subway to get to our hotel. Instead at 1 am I was telling a cab driver that I was not going to pay x amount of dollars to take me 1.5 miles to my hotel. Instead I would go to the other side of the station and catch another cab. He came down in price and we went got in. The cab ride was worth the money in entertainment value alone. (Though it did reaffirm my wish to walk or take the subway.)

Next day we took the subway into town. The MBTA worker kindly spent a fair amount of time showing us how to use our tickets, how to figure out the lines, the best places to eat and how far we could safely go on which lines. All this from staring at the turnstile with the ticket in my hand.

Any time we stood too long staring at our maps, people would come up and offer directions. We were tourists. We didn't stick out - there were many people walking around with maps in their hands.

The weather is much nicer than it was 20 years ago. Sunny and low 70's. If you are interested in seeing our photos so far, click the photo of the John Jeffries House.

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