Saturday, September 8, 2007

Knitting update

Sorry, no clever title. School has started. Projects are clicking along. Nothing is done yet - they are just bigger. For family members reading: we will be signing on the cottage after our trip to Boston. I forgot how much crap there is involved on home purchases. I thought our concern would be the approval process. That was nothing, but paper work involved even when everything is approved still is an absolute pain. Photos for everyone once we actually sign on the FINAL dotted line.

Ram-niss' pup tent is almost done. He tried it on a few days ago and it is fitting perfectly. God bless, Elizabeth Zimmerman! Her percentage system worked for my Creme Saver sweater and this one. I am finishing the hem on the collar, using a softer contrasting yarn for the inside band. My intent is that it not be scratchy along his neck. I have to knit bands for the zipper and hem the sleeves. On this project there are a few new things I am learning on this project. One is the zipper - though that doesn't intimidate me. Knitting underarm gussets does have me breaking out in a bit of a sweat. Many books talk about them as well as websites, but I can't find specific instructions on how to do it. (Sock gussets, yes. Underarm gussets, no.) I have an idea I am going to try, though I will not take out the yarn holding my live stitches till after I know it will work.

St. Brigid will be going with Ram-niss and me to Boston. There will be plenty of time on the train. I will not need to have other projects along. There is little chance that it will be finished on this trip. I will be taking a sock for mindless knitting. That may actually be completed.

T's backpack is almost done. Still haven't felted her lunch bag. I told her that she is to be surprised at Christmas when she finally gets her backpack. :-)



Jenifer said...

The backpack and lunch bag are too cute! I recognize the backpack pattern, but did you just make up the lunch bag?
I also noticed your entry about Mint Fest. Unless there is more than one city in Michigan with a Mint Fest...I know where you were. The best thing about knitting and knitting bloggers is we could be neighbors and not even know it!
Kindred spirits nevertheless.

Jenifer said...

The backpack and lunch bag are too cute! I recognize the backpack pattern, but did you make up the lunch bag yourself?
I saw your entry about Mint Fest and unless there is more than one Mint Fest in Michigan, I'm pretty sure I know where you were. We could be neighbors and not even know it.
That's the best thing about knitters and knitting bloggers.

Jenifer said...

I'm sorry I repeated myself. It looked as if the first comment wouldn't work and I have had trouble trying to comment on your blog before. Usually, it's so late that I finally give up.
Please ignore my stupidity!