Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lots of WIPs (works in progress)

St. Brigid is underway. The photo doesn't do it justice. It is actually more of an olive color with gray and black to make the tweed. I love the pattern - and this sweater may take a while. :-)

Ram-niss' Raglan sweater is coming along. I have the bottom complete and most of one arm. So visualize one sleeve and a large rectangle of knitted blue yarn that matches the sleeve. That would be his sweater. I hope to complete this during the train ride to Boston in a few weeks. Does anyone have a good source for zippers? I went to JoAnns and all they had were the big toothed plastic zippers. I have found a company online but the shipping charges will make me wait till I can order the zippers for this sweater and my Creme Saver sweater.

Also up for Ram-niss is a pair of socks. He claims that he wanted a pair of hand knit socks. We will see if wool makes his feet break out - if it does then I have another nice pair of socks... You may notice that I am using bamboo needles. Not my favorite needle, though they are good when first starting a sock since the yarn doesn't slip much, but then I usually switch to metal. I currently don't have my metal #2 DPNs. Meg is using them for her first pair of socks! She is doing very well on them - tiny little fussy stitches are right up her alley.

T's Bolero is completed, just haven't photographed it yet. It is a little big for her, but she doesn't care. I am working on her backpack once it dawned on me that school will be starting soon. No picture of that yet either - just picture lots of pinks and purple in large over sized stitches. It is going to be felted just like her lunch bag. (which is purple and pink...)

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