Thursday, August 2, 2007

Do I dare tell you of my day?

I don't normally put in too much personal information on my blog. And while this isn't personal as in what family member is suffering from what - it does involve my day job. Specific details beyond what I observed were garnished from office chat - so it is gossip, but the event did happen. ... and me without my camera - only my phone.

Yesterday morning, once again we were sitting inside the police caution tape. This time it isn't from construction hitting the gas lines. (This has happened 3 times this summer.) This time a suspicious package was dropped off at the front desk.

The woman was a frequent visitor to Constituent Services and often signs in with the guard on arriving. Only this visit she arrived with her normal pamphlets and a bag with 2-3" pipe inside it. It had wires hanging off of it and a switch on the side. She then tried to get the guard to sign for her package. (I find this part actually funny - the thought of a slightly disturbed woman trying to get the guard to sign for a bag with a pipe and wires. As if this package had importance.) State Police made the determination that due to it's size if it was real - it couldn't cause much damage beyond the first floor. This is the reason I (and several hundred others) were not evacuated. I had the pleasure of continuing on with my day as if there wasn't a bomb squad truck parked outside my window and watch the robot come up the sidewalk and go in below.

Not sitting inside the caution tape today... yet...

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Teresa said...

I wondered why they didn't empty the whole building. Glad your ok. Where were you Tuesday? Will you be there next week?