Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Doh! ... and done!

I had finally finished the baby blanket for a coworker due in June. The miles and miles of garter stitch was boring. The only entertainment was in the striping of the yarns. I crochet the edging because on the side that I weaved in the loose yarn it looked bad. (The large stitches makes it harder to hide the extra yarn. A tighter stitch seems to hold the yarn better.) I was all done when I discovered the hole. (A friggin' hole in the boring garter stitched blanket!) I thought I had cut the stitch when I had cut off the yarn ends after weaving. I was cussing myself out as I tried to figure out how to fix it. I decided sleep would be the first step. (I had images in my head of screwing it up more.) The next day I discovered it was a dropped stitch. I weaved in a new stand of yarn and it is now fine. I now have to wash the blanket and see what loose ends show up.

The baby wasn't due for a while. I had a lot of left over yarn and decided that I could make baby socks. I chose the green since it would help the gift remain gender neutral. (We don't know if it will be a boy or a girl.) When the socks were done, it needed something to match. I found this cute hat pattern. (I love the little dangling i-cords at the top!) I added the twisted stitch pattern from the socks so it would match.

Everything is done for the gift. I have to get it wrapped and give it to her before I start making a matching sweater, curtains, ...

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