Friday, March 23, 2007

Top down

Ram-niss convinced me to purchase a new camera. He says that the best way to have to old one show up is to buy a new one. I know that cameras are not a necessity, but I felt lost without it. I don't take pictures all the time, but it is more of an appendage. I have to choose to not take pictures so that I can enjoy an event instead of viewing everything through a little eye piece.

Part of what was holding me back was remembering how much I paid for my missing camera. It just makes me sick to know it is gone. The new one has more gadgets and gizmos and cheaper. It is small and I do like it a lot. The advantage is now it fits in a pocket, knitting bag,... All my other cameras over the years had to have their own carry case. This in turn made it easy to accidentally leave behind somewhere.

Weather finally seems to be perking up here. While playing with my new camera I took a view outside my office window. See? Green! Lovely green. The results of morning thunderstorms.

This is my raglan sweater that I knitted top down. I followed the general ideas from the Necessary Sweater that I knitted at the beginning of the year. Since it was an experiment I just used stash yarn. AND you will see that I tapered it in at the waist. Because the bottom band is long the sweater starts to add back in the stitches during the band. I was able to do this and not have it come out crappy! (see photo on the left)

Yeah, me!

These are my socks that I finished in about a week. Love them, though I did not choose to wear these with my raglan sweater to work. I know, I know - some of you would.

Next you will see the pinwheel sweater from I really like it. Unusual for me I bought the light weight wool yarn that the pattern called for, in a different color. I thought this would take a while, but it seems to be knitting up pretty quick. My guess is that it will slow down when start putting on the many rows of crocheted lace that is added to the body and sleeves.

Have a great weekend!

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Kat said...

Nice view, Ewe-niss! And, nice knitting! Have an awesome weekend!