Saturday, March 31, 2007

This past Monday it was beautiful and mid 70's. I was able to go outside during lunch and knit in my hiding spot. Stupid me. I mentioned it to the work knitting group on Tuesday and told them how to get there. Now they will probably be joining me. Don't get me wrong. I like them, but I like my solitude too. It is rare to be downtown and able to enjoy the sun alone.

Friday I looked out my window at lunch and saw a live chess match. The chess pieces were children in paper crowns and capes. They looked like they were having a lot of fun.

I quickly took the photo. My mom was down from Alpena and we going to lunch at Clara's.

New sock started yesterday. I use a simple pattern, but socks seem to be knitting faster than when I first started. Finishing a pair of socks in about a week? Crazy.
My pinwheel sweater is coming along. The body is complete and am now on the sleeves. I really love the crocheted lacing!

Meg knitting in public on gorgeous afternoon this week. Meg, T and I are getting ready to see The Yarn Harlot tomorrow in Ann Arbor. We have plans to find the Fairy Doors while we are there. Meg is knitting a bag for her books, and T has pointy sticks with a yarn blob.

Meg is wearing the sleeveless sweater that she made. (It is the white sweater on the left.) I think this is her third knitted item. She did a great job!

She is cruising on the bag. She is knitting it in bright pink with a fuzzy orange band at the top of the bag.

I have a hat that I made to give towards the collection that the Yarn Harlot gathers at each event. She in turn donates them to a local charity. The hat design is from Rae. I love that it is doubled around the headband area to keep ears nice and warm. I don't like the wind blowing in my ears. I saw the design earlier and wanted to try it. When I was in her shop she was out of the pattern, but she had it available to download from her website after purchasing.

Today was the big egg hunt in the local park. T was looking for eggs even after the other kids had sat down and started opening their eggs. I had to call her back. :-)
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