Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Local charity knitting

I was going to start posting body parts from my various Christmas knitting and let you guess which piece went to which project/gift. But for now my gift knitting has been placed on hold. I received an email where a few people from our building are knitting/crocheting hats, scarves and mittens for charities here in Lansing. They have a December 15th deadline.

How can you argue when someone needs a hat to keep them warm? I knit, but not because I don't have a hat or mittens - nor because my children don't have hats or mittens. A simple pair of mittens will keep one child or adult warm.

Please, if anyone has a few minutes to spare and would be able to knit a quick scarf or mittens for distribution here in Lansing - I would be happy to add to the collection. I will gladly share my stash of yarns and I have very easy patterns too.

Come on - just one scarf, a pair of mittens or hat... meanwhile... Siblings, looks like birthday gifts will be handmade... and could I teach you to knit? :-)

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