Monday, February 23, 2009

Mystery Sweater KAL

One of my projects on the needles is this pattern. I have joined Lismi Knits' Mystery Sweater KAL (knit along). Each week we get a portion of the pattern's instructions. This is from the first set of instructions. I just have to finish knitting it to 12" in length.

In the end this sweater will go to Warm Woolies.
From their site:
"Warm Woolies is a non-profit organization whose volunteers knit warm clothing for poverty-stricken children who would otherwise suffer from cold. Our mission is to provide the very neediest children with wool sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and socks.

In 2009, we're continuing to knit for children living in orphanages in Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia and on Reservations throughout the northern United States. Our goal for 2009 is to knit 10,000 pieces of warm wool clothing for thes
e children!"
The pattern calls for bulky wool yarn - 4 stitches per inch on size 8 needles. Being a charity sweater I was going to stay within my stash. In the end using 2 DK weights strands together, I was able to make gauge. I have seen where others used worsted and went up in needle size to get gauge. Personally I didn't want the sweater to be breezy. I wanted warmth and yet still be able to move in it. I like the heft and the movement of this sweater.

New instructions come on Friday.

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