Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remember when...

...butterflies, sun, flowing water and warm skies?

It has been a long time since my last post. Anyone around here will tell you that it has been cold. Freakin' cold. While looking at my photos, I had wandered into our vacation on Mackinac Island. I saw the photos from the Butterfly House and thought they were much more inviting than the white, brown and grays of winter.

I have completed many projects, and the family has done many things.
Favorite memory of the new year is the kids sledding down the hill behind our cottage in the dark for hours each night. They rigged up a shop light off of the deck so they could see their way down. In the photo you may spot an orange hat at the bottom of the hill. That is T. Son built a bonfire so they could warm themselves.

During the day there were many games of Mexican Train Dominoes. Wheeeeee! (Not me, I don't like board games. Ram-niss and the kids love them. I knitted.)

We sure know how to party it up. :-)

I will show finished knitted objects later. For now I will keep looking at butterflies and warmer days.

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sharon said...

Warmer days....I vote for that.