Thursday, August 21, 2008

You're it!

Dish Rag Tag - The box arrived this morning. It came from Cindy from Tennessee. Along with keeping her knitted washcloth, I also received soap, coffee and cute stitch markers. The yarn she left in the box is for me to knit for the next person on the tag team.

This evening I have knitted the yarn in the box into a washcloth, placed it and my yarn (for the next person to knit) and a few goodies. So tomorrow as we are driving Son up to MI Tech (well before any post office is open) we will make a little stop and mail it to Patricia in Illinois. (I am thinking of stopping just after the Mackinac Bridge. If I could mail it from the Island I would, but that would be next weekend. ;-) )

I am glad I was at the beginning of the team :-)
Below is my dish rag.

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