Monday, May 19, 2008

Merry Month of May

St. Brigid Sweater
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St. Bridgid is slowly coming along. I started it with the intent that I would take my time on this. I love just staring at the cables. I am on the final repeat of the front and then I begin the sleeves.

Garden is up to date and has recovered from last year's 'big dig'. I am sure that those photos will show up in the following days. (Ha family members, no real details of the daily crap going on... maybe sometime, just not today. Here - look at some pretty knitting. :-) )

I am almost done with a sweater for T. She wanted pink. (Doesn't every girl want either pink or purple?) The collar has been done since this photo was taken, I just have to set in the sleeves, and put on the buttons.

Star Stitch sweater is washed and blocked, just need to put on the buttons.

I have also knitted a zillion more dishcloths and am now working on an equal supply of knitted Swiffer mop covers. I purposely bought one so that I could knit the covers. My sole reason for NOT buying one before was because of having to purchase the disposable clothes. Now I can just wash it when done. (Family member chime in if you have one - is it with or without the added liquid streamer? I can make some for you too.)

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