Thursday, April 17, 2008

I hear Peepers!

Last weekend Zoe and I went to the cottage. (Nice photo of Zoe, who was not very cooperative in taking my photo at the cottage. Darn dog.) It was a weekend of just me, the dog, knitting and sewing supplies. (I promised Mo that I would make 9 cummerbunds for her school play.) We left after our Friday night family night of pizza and a DVD. When we arrived in the dark I was greeted by the sound of spring peepers and seagulls. The next day we took a walk around the lake in the snow/rain. It didn't bother me. It was spring and I had heard the peepers! Spring had to be here, what was a little snow?

I took more than enough yarn to finish my star stitch sweater if I got to that point. I didn't. Making cummerbunds without a pattern and from memory took most all of the weekend. The last time I saw a cummerbund up close was for my wedding 20 years ago, and then it was to just pick out a color. But I got it done! My main goal was NOT to be struggling with fulfilling a promise the night before it was due. I got done a week before they were needed.

Lucky for me that I didn't have all the extra time to finish my sweater.
Yarn? - check.
Elizabeth Zimmermann's book, 'Knitting Around' (in case I needed guidance beyond the pattern)? - check.
Extra knitting needles? - check.
The rest of the pieces of the sweater previously knitted? - oops. Forgot the completed body. That was sitting at home next to the couch.

Guess I was in a rush to get out and spend a nice weekend alone. It was much needed and not long enough.

Zoe has been restless at the house. She has been sleeping at the front door and wandering up and down the stairs looking for various family members. Our kids are getting older. One child has moved, another is going to college, another is gone most of the day because of commitments. We didn't see this situation changing, so we thought maybe a companion - something to divert her attention.

Let me introduce you to our newest member of the family, Jazz. She is a 10 month old full Black Lab. She acts like a puppy and doesn't realize how big she is! She is slightly larger than Zoe, and hasn't filled out yet. She is very sweet. She is the best walker we have ever had. Jazz is Ram-niss' dog.

Ram-niss' dog (I mean puppy.) likes to lick and mouth feet (eww), chew, and chew and chew. So far she has chewed the blinds in the bathroom, my blackberry, a set of circular needles, a bag, and Ram-niss' CPAP mask.

Repeat as often as necessary: "She is a puppy. She is a puppy... " Brings back the days of childproofing the house when the baby learns to crawl. ... and Jazz is really a sweetheart... really...


Chrisknits said...

Such a sweet pair of pooches!! She is just a puppy, but my what a big puppy!

Octopus Knits said...

Holy cummerbunds, batman!
A friend for Zoe, how nice! Hopefully Jazz will become less of a chewer through time : )