Monday, February 4, 2008

Knitter's version of idling

I have been knitting dishcloths in between projects. When knitting it reminds me of the car as I sit at a stop light. Engine running, yet not going anywhere - just like knitting. Needles are clicking with yarn, but just making squares. Now it is my simple project in between stints of cable knitting for my St. Brigid sweater. Which I would show you photos, but I am on the front. So at this time, it looks just like the back I was knitting in October. So think green with grey and black flicks of color knitted in a lot of cables. :-)

I have knitted 2 pairs of gloves. I followed the instructions, but I have to shorten the palm and lengthen the fingers. I would cut and graft the palms and lengthen the fingers, but I keep wearing them. I may just cast on another pair and try again. I have a ton of the yarn. I am just thinking of them as my sock knitting. Though I did learn that I can't knit them when knitting with others. I found myself knitting too far and having to frog back many times.

I have to show you this. This was a gift for T from her Aunt Jane! It is a dragon scarf. Very cute. Aunt Jane is always so clever. I should get a piece of Velcro to put under his chin so he be attached to his tail.

T is also very happy that mom FINALLY felted her lunch bag! (Knitted before school started. All I had to do was to felt this. I had piles of items waiting to be felted! Why I didn't do it, really... just excuses.) She picked out an old button from Great Grandma's collection.



Chrisknits said...

That dragon is just so cute!!! Love the lunch bag too. Really, MOM, what took you soooo long!

Larjmarj said...

That Dragon scarf is too cute!! I love his teeth ;-)

A felted lunch bag, now there's something I could use.

Nice work on the dishcloths and gloves. I've done mittens but my attention span has prevented me from attempting gloves.