Friday, February 8, 2008

#372 & #373 in a 1000

I am behind in blogging. This was 2 weeks ago. There isn't much more to add to those who have already blogged about it. Mo and I participated in this fun event and we met Franklin. We sat and knitted with Kat, Kristi, Marcia, Sharon, and Dirty Sue (who, by the way, can belch frequently and unabashedly more than ANY teenage boy I have ever met...) At one point the banter between our knitting partners was going in so many directions, I just wanted to get some popcorn and sit back and watch. (It is always good to see Kat :-) "Hello!" and happy to meet Kristi and Marcia who I have read for quite some time, but had never met. And Sharon, it was wonderful to see her, a regular knitting bud who has been busy with her granddaughter.)

When Franklin posted about the visit to Threadbear in Lansing, Mo's photo along with several guild members photos was posted on his site. To find Mo's photo, she is in the last black and white grouping - she is on the bottom row on the left hand side wearing a striped sweater.

This visit was my first to what others have called 'Mecca' - Threadbear. Oh, I have visited their website many times, but very afraid of actually going in. I get over loaded with all the possibilities when visiting yarn shoops, but this was a nice slow introduction. I will definitely go back again! T found the coolest buttons, and she had to tell me about this really cool thing they had and how she got to help. My 6 year old was geeked over the ball winder. That's my girl. :-)


Chrisknits said...

One of these days I will get to Threadbare, the Michigan version. I got to visit while they were still in Indiana. Too bad they didn't let us in Evansville know they were thinking of moving, we would have tempted them here!

Octopus Knits said...

Sounds like such fun! If I ever get to Lansing, I'm so going to visit Threadbear : )