Sunday, January 20, 2008

Feisty Feral Tam

The Feral Tam is done. I did remove and reknit the band to make it tighter. Then I wanted to make the companion mitts that Kathleen Taylor* also offers on her site. In her posting of finished pieces she showed store bought gloves. I don't have any gloves, so I winged the pattern and made gloves. Although the gloves are fine and warm, I see a few areas that bother me as I am being over critical. I know that washing and blocking won't fix it. I was then on the hunt for glove instructions. I was able to download a book on glove making and how to knit them to fit properly. But before I knit another pair of gloves I want to finish the Companion Feral Mitts first.

Gloves may be the new 'socks' for the rest of the winter or until I have figured out the key to knitting good fitting gloves. Meanwhile here in Michigan it is freezing - I will just hunker down and knit.

* Kathleen Taylor graciously shares her patterns for free on her site. She is also the designer of the cute button band hats I made for my nieces at Christmas. She also has a few knitting books and one coming out soon.
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