Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 and it feels like forever

Recycled Silk Shrug
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In my head I know that it is only the first full week of January. But to me it feels like March. Some of it has to do with the weather, some of it is the bug that has been going through family members and work. (fun times)

Currently on the needles is a Recycled Silk Shrug (using Blippity + Deco-Ribbon Shrug pattern). I love the colors and texture of the Himalaya Yarn. Knitting with it is a pain. Most projects made with this are not the most flattering to wear. I had an idea on how I wanted to use it, but there was a lot of Christmas knitting going on here. I now get a chance to experiment and try to see if it is any better in smaller doses. So far I like it, but we will see.

I have a lot of newly finished objects, I can't tell you which if any were the official first FO of 2008. The holiday week was a blur. My guess would be one of the 5 lowly dishcloths, or maybe it was the pair of felted clogs, or it could be one of the button hole bags.

My favorite FO over the holiday week was my Ga Ga Glittens. This was my first attempt at color work on mittens and making gloves. From this quick and simple project I got some very warm gloves/mittens and a huge need to make Selbuvotter (black and white patterned Norwegian mittens). This also makes me want to knit simple gloves too. I can't believe I was afraid to make gloves before. I believe that using the magic loop method instead of DPNs makes it easier. (I don't have to switch needles as often, nor am I accidentally pulling out a needle from the live loops!)

Reminder to those in Michigan...
...the snow will be back. (Let's just hope that it is gone by May.)


Sharon said...

I feel safe in stating that the snow will be gone by May. Notice that I don't say which day in May. Of course it's just about gone right now, but more will take its place. Sigh. Hope you're feeling better now.

Olga said...

OOOo, I LOVE those mittens! I may have to make a pair of those! And boy- have we got the snow.....

Ewe-niss said...

I have added a link to the Glitten pattern.

Larjmarj said...

Love the mittens, I have yet to try two color work, maybe that's a good place to start.

I know what you mean by cooties at work, I feel like I should be wearing a mask.