Friday, July 13, 2007

When I am not swimming or staring at the water

We are on the final few days of vacation. Knitting was done in the cottage, swimming and reading was on the beach. Creme Savers Sweater is ready to be steeked, zipper added, and hemmed.

What do you make with a bag full of thick itchy ugly rug yarn from the 70's?

This was yarn left over from cleaning out the knitting guilds closets. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. It was knocking around my sewing room. One day I ran across some newer yarn that I had bought, but didn't have enough to do anything with it except make a hat. Then I noticed that it had the same colors in it as the old yarn in the guild bag. So I have started my Retro Tote using the same pattern as the one I previously made with the recycled silk yarn.

Deep breathe... took apart my Bloomsbury sweater. Carefully detached the extra length - at one point I was careful not to drop any stitches only to discover that I was carefully saving the section of the sweater that I was removing - DOH! Then I took off about an inch too much - now ribbing the bottom. I removed the sleeves and added about 5". Removed and shortened the button/holes sections. In the end I think I may like it. There are some parts that I am hoping washing with even out some of the stitches. It was a good practice anyways.

Beach photos later...

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Chrisknits said...

Kudos for trying. I am sure it will wash out. And it will be even better and you will be proud of yourself for doing it.