Sunday, July 22, 2007

Big Bag Weekend

I seem to be on a bag kick this week (or summer). I made these two bags, MasonDixon's Buttonhole Bag, in less than a day each. I really like them. Do I need more? No. Do I know many people that would like these for Christmas? No, I am not sure many on my gift list like this style. Most I know use bags with handles to throw over shoulders and have to be large enough to drag everything possibly needed. Needless to say, I will be making more :-)

Also completed this weekend is a lunch bag. I was happy to be able to use one of Great Grandma Niss' buttons. I have her buttons and I try to use them with every project, but most of the time they don't match well. The pattern is from and is called Brown Bag. I couldn't leave it brown. T wants me to make her one for her school lunches. She has requested her to be purple and pink.

Last up is the Retro Tote. The knitting was completed at the cottage, but I finished lining it today. I can't say if I like it or not. I am not fond of it, but my girls are drooling over it.



Kat said...

Ewe-niss - lots of fulling going on in your house! I love the lunch bag - I think I have some lambs pride scraps that I can do that with. What a great idea - and so much more durable than my Pier 1 bag....

It was so awesome knitting with you in Lansing last week! I wore my skirt again to a friends birthday get togther yesterday and it (the skirt) was the hit of the evening!! I am contemplating knitting another one!!

Talk to you soon!!

Octopus Knits said...

Great bags -- all of them! The buttonhole bags are such a neat shape, the lunch bag is a fun idea, and I think the Retro Tote is groovy!

Jenifer said...

Where did you get the pattern for the Retro Bag? I love it, but can't tell if it's felted or not.

Ewe-niss said...

Hey, Jenifer! The original pattern of my bag is the Himalaya Tote
by Jill Vosburg. Found at

The Retro Tote isn't felted. It is made of big heavy yucky acrylic rug yarn that was in our guild stash. I did make the first one out of recycled silk yarn. Loved the pattern and then adjusted the number of stitches for my gauge with rug yarn. You could do a felted version of it, but I would use much larger sized needles.

Devine said...

I love the colors you chose for the buttonhole bags. They are lovely! I don't remember seeing them in Mason-Dixon but now I am inspired to get the book off my shelf!