Friday, June 1, 2007

Some knitting...

I have finished my socks made from the denim hand painted yarn I received from Stumbling Over Chaos. Being Michigan, the weather will turn and I will still be able to wear them before the Fall.

I am working on Croisette wrap-around cardigan from Lana Grossa. This is a beautiful sweater! The only problem is that the directions are very complicated and flawed. The main trouble is that it was originally written in German and then translated to English. Some of the words used (after searching for several hours on the Internet) do not have an English translation. So I have resorted to figuring out the best way to handle certain parts. Also I can not rely on their translation of inches. I am following the schematic written in centimeters instead. I hope to at least have a good sweater in the end... stay tuned.

I have no idea if I can get this pattern to work, but I am giving it a good try. I have frogged and tinked this many times. At this point I am now left with doing the lacy bottom sections. Fingers crossed.

I have started my Ravelry account a few weeks after receiving an invitation. I like the site, but it does take a lot of time putting in information.

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Chris said...

The socks turned out great!